Wardrobe Consultant 

creates Look Book and solves wardrobe worries.

The most stress-free way to get dressed for work, casual, or special occasions is to have your very own personalized Look Book.  In about two hours at your home, I assemble at least twenty outfits, photograph them, and put the photos into an album. You don’t even have to think about what to wear; your outfits are there, complete with shoes and accessories! 





The Look Book comes as part of several image service packages. Please see Bundled Packages page.

A la cart rate: $120. per hour.

Never having to stress about what to wear: Priceless!

You need this! Call Wardrobe Consultant Marian Rothschild for your free 20 min. consultation now; 720-933-9247.








Marian Rothschild, AICI FLC, Denver, Boulder Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Image Consultantwww.marianrothschild.com. Don’t wait; Look Good Now!

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