This is the cutest hair cut I’ve seen in a long time:

Can it work on everyone?  Probably not.  Just like any new style that you’d like to try, you have to ask your hair stylist if that cut will work for your hair.  Sometimes you need to learn new blow-drying techniques, or buy new products to use before or after it’s dry.  Sometimes a style just won’t work for you because your hair is simply too thick or thin, straight or curly.  Ask your stylist a lot of questions before they cut even one strand.  If your don’t feel like you’ve gotten a complete answer, find another stylist who is recommended by someone with a great cut.

Personal stylist and makeup artist Marian Rothschild can help you choose a hair style that suites your face and lifestyle, as well as show you how to apply makeup for a truly beautiful polished face, day or night.


2 Responses to Today’s Blog: Short is Sweet

  • Jessica says:

    I wanted to know if you have any more pictures of this; I wanted to get this hair style but I need more angles to show the stylist. Would you happen to have any?

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